Clinical Conduct, SMOs

ClinSmart Sweden AB’s business idea is to offer an infrastructure for clinical studies with a strong focus on digital and virtual solutions.

This makes the conduct of clinical studies easier and contributes to faster and more cost-effective development of new treatments for the healthcare of the future.

The professional site for multicenter studies (SMOs) are found in Uppsala and Stockholm with a strong connection and collaboration with our sister company in the CTR Group, CTC Clinical Trial Consultants.

Both sites are conveniently located in the center of the cities for easy access for patients participating in studies and within the area of Karolinska and Uppsala University Hospitals.

The SMOs have all the equipment, infrastructure and experienced personnel needed to effectively conduct the studies as well as access to a large database for recruitment of both healthy volunteers and specific patient groups. Besides our own qualified and professional on-site staff we collaborate with specialists in all different areas, to be able to conduct studies in all diagnosis and on all types of medical devices.

Since ClinSmart’s focus is on digitalization we can also work as a testbed and pilot partner in development of new technology and solutions for clinical studies and clinical use.