We Take Clinical Trials into the Future

We are ready for our mission to develop new, innovative ways of doing clinical trials with modern technology. Committed to our work, we aim for high-quality deliverables that will meet your expectations. All to facilitate the clinical trials of the future.


Our state of the art SMO research units are conveniently located in the center of Uppsala and Stockholm for easy access for patients participating in studies. The SMOs have all the equipment, infrastructure and experienced personnel needed to effectively conduct the studies and besides our own professional on-site staff we collaborate with specialists in all different areas.

Virtual studies

With a strong digital focus we strive to make participation in studies as easy as possible for the patients as well as cost-effective for our customers. That involves a lot of new technology for virtual visits, wearables and web-collection of data as well as an open mindset for developing new solutions and technologies together with our customers depending on their needs.

Patient engagement

The key to a successful study is the patients. We are using modern technology to recruit and communicate with the patients before, during and after the study to increase the patient engagement. Virtual meeting rooms or digital questionnaires can also be used for patient focus groups in the design stage of a study to optimise the design from the patients point of view.